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About Our Classes 

What do you want to sew?

All classes at WSSS are individualized instruction for intermediate beginners to advanced students; each person in class works at their own level and speed, making whatever they want, whether home dec. or clothing projects. 

Students are welcome to design their own curriculum; we have no agenda other than to teach people what they want to know.

If you have never sewn before, we ask that you first take a Learn to Sew class with our colleague, Barbara Hendricks. See more info below under Other Services

Students must choose a project and bring whatever pattern, fabric, and notions are required.  We are not a store; we do not sell materials or notions.

We teach adults.

We do not offer classes for children. However, a colleague, Barbara Hendricks of Master the Art of Sewing, offers classes for kids in our studio on an as-needed basis. Contact her at:


How are classes structured?

CLASS LENGTH: Sessions are scheduled by the calendar month for the sake of organization. Each class is 2 1/2 hrs long & meets once a week.  However, students are welcome to customize their attendance. When space has allowed, we have had people do all 4 classes in a single week.

CLASS SIZE: Classes are kept very small (3-4) so each person gets the attention they need.

WAITLIST:  If a class you want to join is full, please email  to be put on the waitlist.

What equipment will you need?

STUDIO MACHINES: We have  Elna sewing machines (3230),  a 3 thread  Husquavarna serger, and a 4 thread Baby Lock air thread serger as well as an Elna coverstitch machine for student use.

Students are always welcome to bring their own machines; this is especially encouraged if they want help learning to use their machine.

STUDIO TOOLS: the studio is fully equipped with all the tools ( irons, scissors, pins, gauges, tailor chalk, rotary cutters, rulers, etc.) needed to sew. Students are welcome to use all studio tools while in class if they don't have their own.

How much does it cost?


A single 2.5-hour class: $40.00.

Single classes are available when we have a cancellation or an open space in a class.

We give a discount for a full session paid upfront

A 2.5 hr class in a full month session is $35.00 x the number of weeks in the month:

a 3 week month = $105.00

a 4 week month = $140.00

a 5 week month = $175.00


Preferred forms of payment:


check / West Side Sewing Studio



Zelle/Patricia Barnatt/401-474-0052

We do not accept Venmo or PayPal. 

Registration is done by email:
Let us know the day & time you want to sew. If there is space in the class, we will reserve your place. 
We ask that new students pay upon registration.
We ask returning students to pay for the upcoming month on their last class of the current month.
Class Policies
We offer makeup classes with a minimum of 24 hrs' notice.
Students have a year to make up a missed class.
The student is responsible for checking for openings on the website and emailing me to reserve a class.
Payment for a previous month's classes does not roll over to the following month other than a makeup credit.
We accept full-month enrollments only. 
If one cannot attend the entire session, available openings can be reserved for single classes.
Please watch for available openings as they are posted on the website &/or ask to have your name put on a waitlist on the chance that the class does not fill up.
Email me to have your place reserved for a single class if space comes available. ($40.00).
Space in our classes is limited, and we often have people on a waitlist.
* We request the courtesy of 24 HOURS cancellation notice in person or by email; no texts, please.
* Please email at least 24 hours before your class to notify me of your cancellation.
* Missed classes will be charged the total amount of the class fee.
To schedule a single or extra class, students need to check the homepage on this site to see when we have openings and then contact me in person or by email ( to reserve their space.
An extra class is $35.00 for students currently enrolled in a session.
A single class is $40.00 for new students.
SNOW Cancellation Policy:
Conditions under which we cancel classes:
* When driving conditions are not safe
* When the city issues a parking ban
* When the studio loses electricity & heat
Because of the weather/ loss of power, a canceled class means you have credit for that class.
Credit can be used within the year / applied to your payment for another session.

Other Services:

OPEN SEW sessions will be available as the schedule permits. Use the studio - cutting tables, sewing machines, etc. to work independently; no instruction. The fee is $10.00 hr calculated on the quarter hour.


PRIVATE LESSONS: On an as-needed basis, we offer private lessons for $60.00 an hour for a single person or $100.00 for two people. Please email to arrange a mutually convenient time.

LEARN to SEW classes taught by Barbara Hendricks.
These 4-week classes are intended for those new to the craft who will benefit from a more structured approach to learning about the sewing machine, the tools, fabric, and basic sewing skills.
The class will emphasize practical knowledge to get started on your sewing journey. Participants will choose from 2 of 3 projects to complete that incorporate taught skills during the 4-week period.
Instructor: Barbara Hendricks, Owner, Master the Art of Sewing
Please send any class-related questions to Barbara at
4-week session - $140.00

QUESTIONS: Please email with any questions.